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Monday 18 April 2022

#4: Sublimations feat. Brave Police J Decker, Cartoon Cartoons and The Memory Of Gilbert Gottfried

Tragedy strikes SOTSM as voice of a generation Gilbert Gottfried departs our mortal plane and thus much time is spent on defining roles and bad impressions. Niall relates his hunt for Bruce Lee impersonators in the world of anime and tracks down his man with some help from Brave Police J Decker, while Dwayne ponders the whereabouts of obscure animators and finds the message of hope that's eluded Star Trek in recent years in the Lower Decks of all places.

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Saturday 9 April 2022

#3: Sublimations feat. Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, M.O.D.O.K. and The Far Side

Overflowing with enthusiasm/lacking in focus as we are wont to be, an outlet is needed to digress on those many compact cartoon curios that may not make their way to a full bore recording. Thus our Sublimations to that effect, including a catch-up with the cunning Kaguya-sama: Love Is War ahead of its third series; the rising fortunes of Youtube satirist Joel Haver; M.O.D.O.K. is A-OK; and a perilous journey over to The Far Side. My my, isn't that cute?

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Saturday 12 February 2022

#2: The House, And The New Accommodations Of Stop-Motion Animation


Who would live in a house like this? An international team of talented stop-motion animators of course, bringing their skills to bear in a macabre anthology piece about the home renovation from hell. Laborious, time-consuming and requiring considerable skill & patience, this naturally prompts a discussion about the surprisingly healthy state of stop-motion animation in a modern industry where shortcuts are relentlessly sought out. It's busted; it's dangerous; but it's ours! Come on in, take off your shoes, put your feet up and let your soul reside here forever!

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Sunday 23 January 2022

#1: Soothsaying With The Simpsons

The world's most well-known cartoon comedy family have borne witness to much in their seemingly everlasting tenure on television, and within those annals are writ many a gag that then eerily manifested into our own reality some years later. From murder hornets to presidential elections to scientific wonders, could The Simpsons be a codex that predicts the fortunes of our civilisation? Or do such respected major publications as Time Magazine, Gentleman's Quarterly and that one dude you know off Twitter really gotta drum up some traffic? We'll sort the cromulent truths from the entertaining lies and peer within the Springfield scrying glass to make a few prophecies of our own as The Secret Of The Sailor Madness is preached unto the world anew!

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Sunday 2 January 2022

Show #207: The Venture Brothers Series 6 & 7

Anything is possible, as long as you got FAMILY. We've followed the deranged exploits of the extended Venture clan all the way to their denouement in this last set of series. A new locale and a fresh start beckons, paring down the enormous cast to its comedic core before turning them loose with all the carte blanche a billion dollar super science corporation allows. Almost fated to be forever left unresolved on a cliffhanger, can those Venture boys keep their place in our hearts until the upcoming feature length finale bids them a fond farewell? Could such a thing ever be completely satisfactory? Is there a shameless reference they haven't wedged in yet? We ponder the answers to some of these and more over a Post-Podcast Repaste from that nice Italian place on the corner!

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Sunday 28 November 2021

Show #206: Space Jam

Before it's New Legacy dunked our collective brains 25 years later Space Jam was pioneering new and innovative ways to exploit our most merchandisable popular culture figures. With an existing working relationship Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan teamed up on the basketball court in a baffling display that somehow netted an adoring following, inspiring fashion designers, music mash-ups and salacious art for decades to come. Does the original squad still have the stuff to take it to the hoop though? Athletic actors and the genesis of the green-screen cinematic wasteland also get some play, with a Post-Podcast Repaste that's guaranteed to put you back in winning form.


Saturday 30 October 2021

Drawn Or Alive #6: The Addams Family VS The Addams Family VS The Addams Family VS The Addams Family

It's a monster sized edition of Drawn Or Alive as four seperate branches of The Addams Family jostle for rightful inheritance to their creator's legacy! The first live-action adaptation from 1964, and the first screen version to boot, dances a deadly tango with Hanna Barbera's 1973 effort, the dearly beloved movie from 1991 and the second go from ol' HB inspired by that same movie in 1992. It's a family feud like no other; they may all be Addams, but only one gets the seat at the head of the table!

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